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Blackwater Settlement Boundary Consultation

Consultation Event Blackwater
To be held at the village hall on 11th December from 3.00pm to 7.00pm

Links to the Proposed Settlement Boundary Map and the Online Survey are found at the bottom of this page.

Following the consultation events in June the Steering group commissioned an independent planning consultant to review the comments and objections we received concerning the draft settlement boundaries. His report proposed that a change be made to the draft Blackwater boundary.
If you wish to read the full report and see the draft settlement boundary for Blackwater it is available here
Copies of the report and the draft settlement boundary will also be available at the consultation event.

We wish to consult with you in order to confirm whether you agree with the proposed amendment.

Information regarding proposed amendment.
Omega/ West End

Omega relates to a collection of properties (sometimes called West End) situated to the south-west of the consulted upon draft settlement boundary. There is a large field between these properties and the edge of the draft boundary (please see the light blue highlighted section on attached plan).
Paragraph 1.66 of the Cornwall Local Plan states that:
‘Many frontages however are not continuously built up and have large gaps, i.e. bigger than one or two dwellings between buildings or groups of buildings. These gaps can often provide the setting for the settlement, or add to the character of the area. Proposals should consider the significance or importance that larger gaps can make to settlements and ensure that this would not be significantly diminished.’

Paragraph 1.67 continues:
‘Large gaps often exist between the urban edge of a settlement and other isolated dwellings beyond the edge of the settlement; they are not appropriate locations for infill development, and the development of these gaps would not therefore be considered as infill under the policies of this Local Plan.’
The consultant’s view of the above is that it distinguishes detached small clusters of development separated from a settlement by a large gap, as is the case here, from being part of the settlement. Thus does not represent an appropriate location for ‘infill’ or ‘rounding off’ development as permitted through the Cornwall Local Plan.
However, there is an allowed Appeal decision (ref APP/D0840/W/16/3164950) for an ‘infill’ dwelling at one of the properties at West End, called Dewetha which was allowed on 07 April 2017, and post-dated the adoption of the CLP where ‘infill’ or ‘rounding off’ policies are attracting full weight.
In paragraph 9 of the Appeal decision the Inspector comments as follows:
‘…. I consider that West End is perceived as being part of the outskirts of Blackwater, …. I acknowledge there is an area of open land between the terrace within which Dewetha sits, and a bungalow known as Toronto .. However I do not consider this open land distinguishes firmly between the edge of Blackwater and the start of a separate settlement at West End, particularly as Toronto sits in a fairly open plot ….”
Consultant’s recommendation
On balance his advice is that the properties at West End should be included within the settlement boundary due to conclusions reached at appeal.
We therefore wish to ask two linked questions.
1. The steering group and our independent consultant consider that West End should be included in the settlement boundary. Do you agree?
If you consider West End should be included then we must consider the implications for the land between West End and the main village.
2. Do you think the area between West End and the main village should be included in the settlement boundary?
To help you… The provision of a settlement boundary indicates which settlements, villages or hamlets are identified as a suitable location for market-led housing development.

Principally the boundary marks where one policy stops and another one starts. Inside the boundary is where the market-led housing policies apply, typically referred to as ‘infill’ housing development, which also includes ‘rounding off’ development as in the Cornwall Local Plan (CLP).

The CLP is the strategic planning policy document that informs neighbourhood plans across Cornwall. This plan identifies the locations for market-led housing and establishes the criteria for identifying a settlement boundary.

Housing development outside of these settlement boundaries is not entirely excluded. These would be assessed under separate planning policies such as those relating to exception sites (where the majority is affordable housing) or housing in the countryside (such as replacement dwellings or barn conversions).
How to make your views known

If you wish to discuss the proposed amendment before you respond you can find us in the village hall on the 11th December between 3.00 and 7.00 pm and leave your responses with us.

Click here to view the map.
If you wish to complete the survey online – Click here
We look forward to either meeting you or hearing from you.

Cheryl Marriott, Chair, St Agnes Parish Neighbourhood Development Plan